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Group Manual to ‘The ABC of Actions on Human Connection’

First we probably talked more about our group than about what we want to do. Because we are the big group, we  always had to work on how we organize our group. We found a possible working format in ‘The ABC of Actions on Human Connection’. The Idea is to realize 26 little actions which focus on what we all have as common ground: The believe in human connection.

The Nett

To work on the 26 actions for the next 6 weeks, we developed following group manual:



 ..(to be tested & refined in Eggtion)..


We all believe in human connection; this is what we want to focus on; it is our main theme.

Presentation Thursday

Goal of the group: to make a presentation about the work in progress before, during (in case it is not disturbing or it’s achieving something artistically), or after the lecture. The presentation is a composition of all works made by during the week. The composition of the presentation is decided in the afternoon by all members.The presentation can be any kind of presentation format; the form of the presentation reflects, lights up, questions … the content(s). To present something is an obligation for all groups that compose our group; to present something successful or interesting is optional.

Each group collects and writes down opinions of persons who took part in the presentation; the participants transmit faithfully these opinions to the group. To avoid any drama, each group collect the opinions about the work of another group.


Feed-back of the participants about the thursdays presentation. Transmission of the collected opinions of the others to the group. Discussion about the need or the will to follow up these ideas.
Then: Each member brings in new themes, new topics, new ideas, new starting points or a new word to work on; this has to be as concrete as possible.


The desires of the participants have to follow and constitute the aim of any proposition. The propositions are made for all group members, each responsible can ask for the number of participants She/He wants. Each member decides to participate in at least one project.


The total number of projects for a week can be between 1 and 52. The number of projects decide the number of groups.

Group Size

The group consists of 7 artists. The working group size can range from 2 to 7 people; it depends on the need for the group and the interest in the project.


The time period to work on the projects take place between Friday afternoon and the next Thursday morning. All the members of the group announce their absences for the work period.

Time Schedule

A time schedule is established for the period between Friday afternoon and the next Thursday afternoon; each group has time to work.

Friday afternoon to
Thursday morning
Working in the group(s).

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by Fabian Gutscher, Larissa Holaschke, Shang-Chiao Lin, Siyuan Liu, Nicolas Müller, Isabelle Sprenger and Hey Wu