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Come and drift with us through a space of experimentation on 26 September in XXX club. Immerse in a party night with performances. Artists from Hong Kong, Mainland, Taiwan, Japan and Europe in collaborative action with live music, dj’s, performances, visuals, installations and interactions.

Saturday, 26 September 2015
9.30pm – 4.00am
Venue: XXX Gallery
B/F, 353-363 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
德輔道西353-363號, 西環, 香港

Calvin Ho (AtomicAttack! / UGLY / Robot)
Mike the unstoppable (Robot)
Jay Pelmet (Robot),
DJ TOPICal Island (Glühwurst Records)


by Larissa Holaschke and Isabelle Sprenger

PING PONG, Installation in the entrance of  XXX

by Shang-Chiao Li, Yingch Lin, Jiaru Wu, Ka Chung Wong

Chaos Priest, Performance

Nicolas Müller with music by Fabian Gutscher


Video projections (2 canal, color, sound)
by Haijiao Ma,  Ziyan Lan


Performance by Ida Sons


Performance by Siyuan Liu

Tai-Chi Intervention

Dance performance by Yingch Lin, Isabelle Sprenger, Liane Mah, Nicolas Müller, Eisa Jocson, Nina Willimann


Music performance by Simon Dietersdorfer, Tobias Fandel


Performance by Mayumi Arai, Fabian Gutscher, Benjamin Ryser


Installation-Performance by Jiaru Wu


Oh Control is everything

Music: Simon Dietersdorfer
Text: Fabian Gutscher
Choir: Nina Willimann, Chaoran Li, Simon Dietersdorfer, Tobias Fandel, Fabian Gutscher, Chaora Li, Mayumi Arai, Benjamin Ryser, Nicolas Müller, Ida Sons, Ana-Maria Negrea, Shang-Chiao


Choir: Oh control is the everything. Everything can be controlled.
Solist: The city is control. It’s a jungle. It would be jungle. But humans build a city.
Choir: Oh control is everything.
Solist: There would be sea. There would be trees. But there are banks now. The money tries the sea.
Choir: Everything can be controlled.
Solist: Noise of the air conditioning. Trying hard to make this humid place try. Try to stop the walls from crying.
Choir: Don’t you cry. Don’t you feel. Do. Work. Make a living.
Solist: Ask the gods for help. Burn some paper money. Get try. Hold the handrail. Don’t walk. Stand firm. Let the passenger get out first. Don’t eat or drink. Don’t think.
Choir: Oh control is everything.
Solist: Take your mobil. Keep your eyes on the screen. The exit is on the left side. Stand still. Thanks for making me so pretty, my botox. There is no space. There is no place to rest. Work hard. Party hard. Don’t let anything in your body. Protect your self. Don’t smoke.
Choir: Everything can be controlled.
Solist: There are trees. They are dangerous. Buy. Buy now. A rolex. A lexus or a bubblebath? Make some art. Produce good art.
Choir: Make some art. Produce good art.
Solist: There’s a way. Culture is to be defined. Masses must be handled. Optimize. Study. Study harder. Smile. Smilie, funny bunny. Goldfish. Bonsai Tree. Moon Cake.  
Guru: Shall I tell you your fortune? Don’t lend money around 54. Good life.
Choir: Oh control is the everything. Everything can be controlled.

DJ TOPICal Island (Glühwurst Records)
with Ana-Maria Negrea, Xiaobin Liu

Artists: Mayumi Arai, Björn Beneditz, Simon Dietersdorfer, Tobias Fandel, Fabian Gutscher, Larissa Holaschke, Eisa Jocson, Nuria Krämer, Ziyan Lan, Chaoran Li, Shang-Chiao Li, Yingchi Lin, Siyuan Liu, Xiaobin Liu, Haijiao Ma, Liane Mah, Nicolas Müller, Ana-Maria Negrea, Andrea Roca, Benjamin Ryser, Ida Sons, Daniel Späti, Philipp Spillmann, Isabelle Sprenger, Nina Willimann, Ka Chung Wong and Jiaru Wu

This event is part of the transcultural and cross-disciplinary graduate semester program called “Transcultural Collaboration” initiated by the Zurich University of the Arts in cooperation with various art universities from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan. This semester program takes place in Hong Kong as part of the transcultural collaboration platform Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich (for more information visit our web site:

Main Partners of the Transcultural Collaboration Program

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA)
City University of Hong Kong/School of Creative Media (SCM)
China Academy of Art/School of Intermedia Arts, Hangzhou/China
Additional Partners of the Transcultural Collaboration Program
Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan
Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts
Tokyo University of the Arts, Dep. of Fine Arts

Supported by: Mercator Foundation Switzerland