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Simon Dietersdorfer


works as composer and actor for film and theatre. He was born 1984 in Vienna, Austria where he went to acting school, from which he graduated in 2008. After several years as a member of the „Theater in der Josefstadt“, Simon decided to continue to work as a freelancer. Focussing more and more on the combination of performance and composition on stage he entered the Master’s Programm „Composition for Film, Theatre and Media“(ZHdk), which he finished in 2016. Besides performing and producing on his own, transdisciplinary and cross-cultural cooperation with artists having different backgrounds, is one of Simons main interests. The core area of his music lies in the combination of electronic, sampled sound with acoustic intrument and human voice. As composer, producer and performer he appears under the pseudonym „cimonfinix“. Simon Dietersdorfer took part in „Common Stage 2014“ as well as the Semester Programm „Transcultural Collaboration“ in Hong Kong.