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Katja Gläss

Photographer & Research Associate, ZHdK

Katja Gläss (*1979, Germany) lives and works in Zurich. She studied Photography and Media (Dipl.Des.) at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, Germany, before also completing her MA in Transdisciplinary Studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. For over ten years, she has worked as freelance photographer in advertising in both Frankfurt am Main and Zurich, having also worked as gallery assistant and as a freelance photo editor. In her freelance works, which have been shown in various group exhibitions, she investigates conceptual- and documentary-based strategies in contemporary photography. She was part of the exhibition team of the group show prepositions at the Villa Sondheimer in Frankfurt am Main in 2007, and the exhibition project Jewish in Today’s Germany at the University of Bielefeld between 2005-08. Since 2013, she is working as a research associate in both MA in Transdisciplinary Studies and Department of Cultural Analysis at Zurich University of the Arts, where she was also responsible for organizing the ZHdK Lecture Series on Global Culture until 2015. Katja Gläss is as well working on several Connecting Spaces-related exhibitions at Museum Bärengasse and Toni-Areal Zurich, last year responsible for the curatorial part of the Zurich based artist for the exhibition 4 Solos @ Connecting Space in Hong Kong and was one of 8 members of the research project entitled Slow Spicy Curatorial Practices in Zurich. For the MA semester program “Transcultural Collaboration” she is working the second time on-site in Hong Kong in 2016 as one of three assistants from ZHdK.