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Contemporary Reception and Social Integration of Refugees in Zurich’s Northern Outskirts

Excursion, 26 August 2016

Speaker & Guide: Thomas Schmutz, Head of Communication, Refugee Organisation Zurich

Content & Places: Temporary Shelter at Times of Massive Immigration Interventions by Social Design / Design Activism Students; Temporary Communal Housing Alternative Container Construction at Times of Lacking Normal Houses / Living Space; „More than Living“ Innovative Business Opportunities for 2nd Generation Migrants / “Accompanied Professional Restaurant Training” for Underprivileged Migrants / “Refugees’ Choir” by Hombis Salon Manager

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We visited several spots set up in Zurich for refugees. I am feeling a lot (mostly surprised) by how much attention had been payed into these essential needs by the Zurich city.

Chi Chi

The Halle 9 in Zurich is a temporary home to 250 refugees. The team there really made an effort to help refugees settle down with more ease with lots of creativity and a sense of humour.



Die Wand,
To separate or to protect?
To hide or to unify?
To discipline or to liberate?
What does the wall stand for?

There’s feet, there’s small feet, who might come with her parent or by her own feet.
They are refugees in Zurich, who were forced to leave their home, and survived.
There’s feet, small feet, who had happy birthday songs every year after she or he arrived this planet.

Each life is treasure. Every individual is special.
Each life is treasure. Every individual is special.

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