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Fuck the research on Fear

What is fear ? Would there be a consensual description of the fear by four people from different cultural and artistic backgrounds?


The four Artists: Silvia (China), Haymond ( Hong Kong), Giulia (Italy) and Mbene ( Malawi/Zambia) embarks on a journey in Zurich to ascertain individual fears in a city known to the world as the haven of purity.

Thou shall not bother to ignite curiosity on that. The four artists explore the city as one group however as times go by they start to experience different and individual sources of fear.

photo-3The complexity of fear is repetitive. Sometimes it is merely confirmed and/or discovered. Sometimes these fears are imported to Zurich . However, the fear might be, exorcism and self reflection of the projected fears out to be undertaken.

There has to be a hybridization of the presentation of the fears by the four. The form of the final production has to encompass musical , painting , dance, theatrical and interactional elements.

photo-7The prime objective is to give it a try to feel and show fear in different performative forms as a group.