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  During three months in Hong Kong, I lived in Yau Ma Tei, which near by the Temple street night market. Every day I walked by, I found out people throw trash directly on the street, and leave huge trash to cleaners. So we decided to observe the night markets for 24 hours. As a result, people came and leave, in this big consumer city, easily buying and leave all trash behind, they only expect others to result the problem. We also do action in the night market to aware this city garbage problem, the action call: “Nothing should be abandoned.” In these research, we interviewed the cleaners, to know more about what do they think about their lives and jobs. And put these interviews into our final performance. We found out the landfill in Hong Kong is also a big issue, so we went visiting and having a interview with landfill office employee. These experiences let me to rethinking our own living place situation, and what is the difference from Hong Kong. It is hard …

Final Presentation: it will become someone else’s secret

At the beginning the space itself, accessories, costumes and TV monitors are assumed to be installed, and give a hint to the main performance which will be followed. Just as temples and churches do, visitors are free to visit and feel the atmosphere of the space when the ceremony is not held yet.

The floor filled with water creates second images by reflecting the videos projected on the wall. Also, the tv screens which are connected to the camera mounted on the costume, displaying the visitor’s appearance and revealing the symbol of reflection.

Help Yourself

Cooking Phallocentrism with Kay, Wendy, Giulia, and Jade Directed, Cinematographed and Edited by Jade Park Haejun Presented for Womb club, HAO GAO YEAH 2.0 Park Haejun, Jade B.A Korea National University of Arts, School of Film, TV&Multimedia, M.F.A City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media (2015~)


After having formed a groupf, there were a diverse of issues that could have been dealt with in the project. The four of the students: Going Chow Kuo, Andreas, Lukas Mayer, Yang Liu and Mbene Mwambene settled on to tackle garbage. Not only was this enough but a form had to be decided too. The presentation would be documentary performance. We would show raw data, calculated data, images, videos, installation and most importantly theatre dance performance.
Hong Kong is populated by 7.2 Million people making it one of the densely poluted places on earth. The consumer power is astronomically highly hence a clear problematic waste problem. Needless to say, space is a challenge but where would the waste finally rest? …

After Condensation

If you walk through the streets of Hong Kong and you feel some water drops falling on your head, then it is probably not raining.
Videos – Pictures – Performance – Installation by Huang Liangpeng and Evan Ruetsch.
We encounter air conditioning water every day, when the condensation falls on our heads, we are nothing but helpless, for a moment you feel this unpleasant wet feeling. Nevertheless, the water drops will dry out.
We allow the falling condensation water to leave its traces through Traditional acts.

Finding what follows form and function

Being the result of a very harmonious group of four, the cube was soon completed. A minimalistic white box with carrying handles, resembling a litter for transporting royalty, stood there ready to be used. The interior was coated with a sound-absorbing material, covered in black velvet. Roughly one cubic meter of black and white silence. …


There is a vast man-made cyberspace floating above our heads. The boundary of the “virtual” world and the “real” one keeps expanding, from screens to our senses. We enhance perceptions of light and sound in this boundary where new cultures and aesthetics are emerging, regardless of limitations on the land.

The Final Jam

Insulted Lemon Jam Playlist
Salted lemon drink (54:92)
Sham Shui Po (1:29:56)
First jam, (16:30) – approx
Second jam (21:19) – approx
Presentation 1 (32:23)
Feedback (17:35)
Presentation 2 (25:44) – approx
Feedback 2 (32:51)
Mentoring (33:17)
Final (25:44) – approx

VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group

  [ Introduction of the artist group ] Artist Group: VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group Group member: Yang Liu (Chinese), born in 1991, choreographer, body explorer, who graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, MFA in dance. Her recent works focus on body senses and performance exploration, seeking the personality in the body and sensational instinct. Meanwhile, she explores how to represent and create meaning of the body in field and time. Group member: Kuo Ying Hsiu (Goingshow Kuo) (Taiwaness), born in 1985, a transdisciplinary artist and a lecturer in the Department of Media and Visual Communication Design at Chang Gung University, during 2012-2016. In recent years, she’s been focusing on social issues and the relationship between field and identity. For more info: [ Project theme ] “Shape”- Embodying Places This project is a nomadic platform of artistic research exploring the possibilities of impromptu dance as a tool to analyze the social fabric in different contexts. Through observations and social experiments in different places in the past few years, our group produced improvisational, …

Process, part 1: a joy division

We realised the need of clear goals and a sharper work frame to go on with the group research. Our common interests were taken as guidelines: body, space and inner spiritual energy.
Some keywords were selected as input for our perspective: body, future, water, gravity, media, community, AI, boundaries, ritual and ceremonies.
Our practices attempted to relate this concepts with the multicultural and futurist contexts found in the city and countryside e.g. the field works experienced during the retreat week. …

Insulted lemon forming the jam

The idea to meet continuously, bring to the table of known material, new material and explore materials we haven’t had the chance to explore. Practising in a way of exploration, but also narrowing down our imagination of different possibilities. This is a start to self-reflect and questioning of how to break the limitations and extremities of sound. To impose awareness to the disorientated of information and insight, whilst discovering the uncertainty and suffering of ones endurance through this process of collaboration. …

develop, experiment, set up

When we talk about cultures, it is very natural for us to think about the differences. There are lots of vision in our minds, from our experience, tell us about that. We lived separately for thousands of years.
In the same cyberspace we live together, which is possessing the earth like a ghost, reconstructing where we live and what lives in us. Here the memes travel at the speed of light, cultures beyond the distance are integrated to unify.
The new aesthetic is a being grows from bits, like its father grows from atoms. Creating is not a projection from mind to the world, but an experiment, a feedback loop, communication between us and the aesthetic being. It is not a construction, but an instauration.

process, part 2: one in front of the other

During several mentoring sessions differences according to approaches and interests within the group continued to appear. Additionally the group experienced discomfort while supervisions, but was later benefited from bilateral mentorings. During these sessions, decisions were made like the usage of screens instead of light projectors in the front space of the future performance; or a setting of the space as clear as possible for the movement improvisations and interactions, which would deal with inner and outer spaces of the traditionally framed stage. So the improvisation was also decided to have an open ending. …

Mbene Mbunga Mwambene

Mbene Mbunga Mwambene was born in Kitwe, Zambia but grew up in different towns and cities between Zambia and Malawi. He worked between Malawi and European Theaters from 2012-2015. He studied for a Diploma in Journalism at the University of Malawi before pursuing MA in Theatre at Bern University, Switzerland. He is  a Theatre Artist, Journalist, Poet, Dancer, playwright, and Theatre Director but worked at Nanzikambe Arts but also as a  freelancer artist and journalist. He was also involved in a three year partnership between Theater Konstanz , Germany and Nanzikambe Arts . His actively involved in Hamburg-Blantyre twin sister partnership. His professional acting life has revolved around doing interactive theatre for disadvantaged communities and also performing innovative theatre pieces for local and international audiences. His passion for innovative theatrical productions is also contextualized with the existence of his current solo production entitled The Story of a Tiger, which has been show across Germany, Switzerland, Japan,  Liechtenstein, Ireland, Malawi, and Austria. He also performed “Refugees, I and Switzerland, Waiting for Godot and Body Scan” in Switzerland. .His solo …

The Assumption of the Virgin

The Assumption of the Virgin is a space that showcases a range of individual photographs highlighting femininity, body, gender identity and sexuality. Through countless of discussions about personal experiences of sex, sexuality, gender roles, body image; the lasting image was to create an intimate, personal and intense visual and sound platform. The setting of the bathroom with red lights, highlights the use of personal space when one needs to use the bathroom, but also an underline of ‘sexiness’ and also erotic sense.


The net is the beginning of everything, the start of transformation and connection. It is the testing ground, to turn a tool of daily life into something different. Using the net to fill up the room, it first becomes soft installation. It is all surrounded, one feels trapped and sometimes escaped from it. Then it becomes a projection surface.


Impressed by the abundance of noise in the City of Hong Kong, we set out on a quest to investigate the sources of this omnipresent intrusion on our senses. Seeking out the origins of the everyday acoustic background, we very soon pondered on the quality of noise. Is it something undesirable that has to be purged, or is suppressing it a form of censorship? Why do we have a need for both silence and disorder? Is there a ideal balance between the two? Inspired by the principle of noise cancelling, we constructed a space where in theory, three phase-inverted sources of noise recordings we did in Hong Kong should cancel each other out and add up to silence. Viewers may enter this space to experience the interaction of the three sources and with luck, perhaps, find a small pocket of silence amidst the chaos. As expected, the noise cancelling function did not work out perfectly. It was, however, up to each individual to explore the meanings of the experiment. Can one indeed cancel noise with …


A Project by Mbene Mwambene, Sylvia Liu Yang, Going Ying Hsiu Kuo and Andreas Mayer   On paper everything is pretty painted in white and black. Hong Kong is one of the densely populated places in the world. The economy is fast booming hence the volumes of garbage shoots up the ladder. Wastes in Hong Kong are first collected from disposal bins to refuse transfer stations (RTS). After they are compacted and put in containers, they are delivered to disposal lands or recycling centers. Those which can be recycled are recycled, some are burnt to create and some sent to land fills. Done and dusted. There are hundreds of collectors in the territory where wastes are located before transferring to refuse transfer stationsThere are seven refuse transfer stations in the territory. They serve as centralised collection points for the transfer of waste to the strategic landfills. Operated by the EPD, the landfill sites only accept garbage from Hong Kong. Thirteen of 16 landfills were closed from 1988 to 1996. There are also 13 closed landfills. The closed …

How it feels to be a bag of flesh

To recapitulate, certain dualisms have been persistent in Western traditions; they have all been systemic to the logics and practices of domination of women, people of colour, nature, workers, animals – in short, domination of all constituted as others, whose task is to mirror the self. Chief among these troubling dualisms are self/other, mind/body, culture/nature, male/female, civilized/primitive, reality/appearance, whole/part, agent/resource, maker/ made, active/passive, right/wrong, truth/illusion, totaVpartial, God/man. …

Invisible Borders

Episode 1: A forbidden forrest in middle of the refugees’ camp is surrounded by a huge wall.
Three ways to deviate a wall, which is guarded by the police.
Episode 2: Repeat new sonorities or different strategies to shit when someone is already in the toilets

Andreas Mayer

Andreas Mayer was born in 1987 and growth up in St. Gallen. From 2006 to 2009 he studied scenographcal design at the ZHdK headed by Prof. Manuel Fabritz. After his graduation he start to work at Stadttheater St. Gallen, Stadtheater Klagenfurt, Thalia Theater Hamburg, Staatstheater Stuttgart (Schauspiel) and Konzert Theater Bern as a freelance stage design assistant and as a stagedesigner in drama, contemporary dance, musical, opera and youth theatre. In 2015 he started his study in MA – Theatre/Stage Design at ZHdK headed by Prof. Michael Simon and also visited with his MA-class the NACTA (National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts) in Beijing.  

Toni Squats

Squatting is the action of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land or a building, usually residential – that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have lawful permission to use.