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The Assumption of the Virgin

A Project by Grace, Choi Tsui Yin, Wendy,
Zhang Xiao Fei Kay and Zhang Kaiju


The Assumption of the Virgin is a space that showcases a range of individual photographs highlighting femininity, body, gender identity and sexuality. Through countless of discussions about personal experiences of sex, sexuality, gender roles, body image; the lasting image was to create an intimate, personal and intense visual and sound platform. The setting of the bathroom with red lights, highlights the use of personal space when one needs to use the bathroom, but also an underline of ‘sexiness’ and also erotic sense.

img009 img003

The use of red reflects; blood, sex, electric, woman, feminine, womb, empowerment, body, depth, death, warm, dark, horror. This project experiment was quite personal for all participants involved, included self expression and self discovering.