Blog, Edition 2016, TC 2016



The net is the beginning of everything, the start of transformation and connection. It is the testing ground, to turn a tool of daily life into something different. Using the net to fill up the room, it first becomes soft installation. It is all surrounded, one feels trapped and sometimes escaped from it. Then it becomes a projection surface. The projection was profound and organically floating on the fishnet, since it has so many holes and the strings that constantly changes the light projected on it. The light on the net moves and transforms like an organic landscape. With the contact microphones on, the net becomes an instrument. When you touch it, it produces sound. At last, with the programming, fishnet as projection surface and instrument combines together as a sound and visual interaction installation. These layers and layers of putting different effects together are also the evidences of synergy. It connects all different specialties, suggestions, and adjustments. The fishnet is the connecting point with desires of everyone. With the net, sound, touch, visual effect and coding skill are connected, and so do all of our group members.