Blog, TC 2016


Collaboration in the Arts & Design & Collaborate!

Panel and Lecture, 5 September 2016


Presentation of two international programs and initiatives at ZHdK (a. Mona Mijthab on her research/product development projects in Africa/India; b. Christoph Schenker & Gitanjali Dang on Draft Projects.
Participants: Mona Mijthab, Researcher Department of Design Zurich ZHdK; Christoph Schenker, Head of Institute for Contemporary Art Research ZHdK; Gitanjali Dang, Curator/Writer/Researcher, Khanabadosh, Mumbai; Max Glarner (Lecture), Author/Lecturer, Department of Performing Arts ZHdK


Max Glauner on term and topic of collaboration/participation in the arts including specific examples of contemporary collaborative art practice

Mona MijthabChristoph SchenkerGitanjali Dang 

Transculturality in the Arts & Design

Panel, 24 August 2016

Short presentation of each participant about the relevance of transculturality in their specific discipline including an example out of a contemporary or own practice.
Participants: Karmen Franinovic, Head of Interaction Design, Department of Design, ZHdK; Jörg Scheller, Art Historian/Journalist, Head of Theory/BA Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts & Media ZHdK; Zhao ChuanTheater Director/Art Critique/Author, Shanghai; Ricardo Eizirik, Composer, Lecturer Department of Music ZHdK; Hartmut Wickert (Presentation), Vice President/Director Department of Performing Arts ZHdK