Blog, TC 2016

develop, experiment, set up

Where is the boundary of bits and atoms, the screen, the code, or the sensations?

When we talk about cultures, it is very natural for us to think about the differences. There are lots of vision in our minds, from our experience, tell us about that. We lived separately for thousands of years.

In the same cyberspace we live together, which is possessing the earth like a ghost, reconstructing where we live and what lives in us. Here the memes travel at the speed of light, cultures beyond the distance are integrated to unify.

The new aesthetic is a being grows from bits, like its father grows from atoms. Creating is not a projection from mind to the world, but an experiment, a feedback loop, communication between us and the aesthetic being. It is not a construction, but an instauration.

Now, or future, we are, or we will be, the same zeros and ones.

What is mind? Never mind.
What is matter? Never matter.