Blog, TC 2016

Facets of Hong Kong

Participants divided into three groups to explore different facets of Hong Kong. Everyone was asked to document the experience and share this experience the day after with the rest of the group.

Urban Farming in the New Territories
Tour by Mapopo Community Farm

Mapopo Community Farm, running by a group of young volunteers in self-sustaining way, devoted themselves to urban farming in the edge of New Territories. With recent political demonstrations against the local land developer, the Mapopo farmers would have more to share: from the urban style farming in HK, sustainability of farming in HK, rural-urban relationship and anticipations of future farming.

Ping Shan Historic Tour
Tour by Dr Vivian TING

Ping Shan is the area when the Tangs (The first of the Five clans/Families in New Territories) have been living from 12th Century until now. Many traditional heritage is well reserved along the trail, where visitors can grasp a better understanding of the most traditional way of living in Hong Kong in her past.

The Transitional use of post-industrial area in Kwun Tong
Tour by Jessica Lam

Kwun Tong is under redevelopment and many old industrial spaces are temporarily used in very different ways giving an insight into local new business perspectives. Jessica Lam prepared a guided tour providing a curious insight into the unique HK ecology and it’s use of space, reaching from industrial and commercial use to illegal living. The guided tour will include conversations with different artists and young entrepreneurs.