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Oolong Final Performance

Sound making teabag
Tea infusing network
Networking frame work
Net playing puppets

About Oolong 

Oolong project is an ambitious project, with various artistic personalities, conversation between eastern and western cultures, and a lots of confusion. It was a hard path, but also positive. It is a challenging task for a group of six individuals with diverse aesthetic judgments and artistic background. Oolong is a body work incorporating all six artists’ devotion into the project. the hybrid orchestration is the charisma and the essence of the work. It is a spatial and temporal infusion experience.

Oolong is a performance that could not have happened without any of the group members. Everyone was a performer, but had also been a director, and a source for ideas. The net originally was for movements, the movements for sounds. But at the end it turned into a projection surface for light, and also ideas; a projection surface for the artists, and the spectators.

On Collaboration

Finding a way to make a work that all six individual artists could support and agree on, that would not just be an addition of the individual visions of the artists, but would be a multiplication of the individual ideas, that would form a new work, a genuine group work, and a work that projects in different cultural environments, was our challenge. It brought us to individual limits, gave a deep insight into communication, and showed differences but also common ground of our cultures and disciplines.

Collaboration is a new way to learn from each other. To discover how the others feel, see and hear the world. At the beginning, it felt like the group was forced to do something together, there were conflicts, different ideas and insistences. But it is a collaborative project, the process and all the obstacles are something you have to go through. You have to take part in, but not too much; otherwise the project becomes your own personal work, with personal projections on the artworks, dreams and illusions. However, on the other hand, if we position ourselves too far away from the project, we get the feelings that we need to endure the project. It is something which needs a balance. Collaboration is always on the way, in between, it is a process, not a final product.