Edition 2017, TC 2017

LAB9 V1.2

The interactive installation LAB9 V1.2 reflects upon the balance of forces and the interrelation between ecologies.


The interactive installation invites the audience to step in and become part of a system. Mankind strives to control everything, but how can we be sure of being in the driving seat when sometimes it seems like we are the ones being driven? The installation is a group effort, so it was necessary to find collaborators for finding out what is going on. Nobody can reach out in eight directions at once, except for an Octopus maybe.

An interactive installation by

Chen Wenjia, City University of Hong Kong

Nadja Müller, Zurich University of the Arts

Jaime Francisco Belmonte Caparrós,University of the Arts Helsinki

Zhao Huier, City University of Hong Kong