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Team B/W

This exhibition expresses the different perspectives on loneliness, a feeling, which could be accepted or rejected, that one could feel forced into or could choose. While it is often evoked in solitude, it can also arise even when someone is amongst others: a city like Hong Kong, in all its density and bustle can amplify this feeling.

Concept and Process

On the process We started our project to integrate ourselves into Hong Kong so that finding identity in this strange city, balancing between our “ego” and “self”. For the first step of the journey, we presented our results, as parasites inhabiting the “TOURIST”. Now our journey is still under way. Our work process goes through the following phases. We experience HK first and discover our interests in city. After that, we take a step back and observe ourselves as well as what we have experienced, what we have felt and how we have changed our thoughts. Finally set a topic and make it into an art work. During the second step of the journey, the biggest interests that attracted our attentions were “imported things” from Korea and Japan to HK. You can easily see Korean or Japanese products everywhere in HK, even both languages can be seen on some the advertisements. After discovering these of our interest, we started to collect related information, visited some museums, and interviewed traders. Though, when we look back at …