Blog, TC 2019

Week 14, Zurich

  • Set up incl. technician
  • Rehearsals
  • Mentoring sessions and coaching
  • Final rehearsals
  • Group Dinner
  • Inaugural Conference and Official Launch of Shared Campus
  • Final presentations Friday and Saturday
  • Final party
  • Clean up

After three intensive months in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zurich, this is the highlight and peak of the semester programme: at the end of the week the final presentations were due.
Especially in the last few weeks, after arriving in Zurich, the anticipation and tension has increased once again. The pressure was tangible, the nerves were strained. Many have been tied to their beds with the flu for a couple of days.

Nevertheless, all the groups and mentors worked at full speed, stayed for night shifts to be ready for the final presentations on Friday and Saturday night.

And when Friday came, everyone was ready and excited. The spots were installed, sound checked, costumes fit, make up done. The halls filled with curious visitors fairly quickly. Also, many conference guests stayed, to immerse themselves either in conversations or some of the performances/installations.

Thank you to all the 26 students and mentors for two memorable evenings with many happy, relieved and proud faces and interesting and stimulating conversations.
We had a blast at the following goodbye party, dancing until dawn, sweating all the effort of the last days out of our bodies.
Thanks to everyone who came by to catch a glimpse of what we have been working on in the past months.

Here are some more impressions of the final presentations.