Edition 2021, Final Presentation, TC 2021


This project interacts directly with the body and the brain’s neuro system. An immersive experience that visitors to the final presentation of TC21 had at One Minute Space in Athens.

microwave~d is an immersive installation space where visitors experience the intense transformation of being cooked. During 2 minutes of the microwave experience, a visitor is surrounded by the gaze of four performers, strong red lights, moving images and high-pitched sounds. The feeling of being cooked when leaving the microwave is guaranteed. The project originated through a linguistic pun about the exhibition title, Micro-Relation Lab and led us to Microwave-Relation as a working title. Four artists from different disciplines started to take part in the microwave. The research was initiated with basic knowledge such as history, science, technology and social/cultural meaning of microwave. To develop microwave’s artistic potential, artists explored it through performance, writing, sound and microwaving a substance.

Group members: Zhaoyue Fan, Milena Schircks, Ting-Yu | Kenneth Lin, Yui Yamamoto
Published: 10. / 11.12.2021
Location: One Minute Space (Athens, Greece)
Language: English
Programme: Transcultural Collaboration