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A piece of driftwood is perhaps too big for one. It is shared amongst three friends, who build everything they could out of it. Lots of items, stories, memories and time – contained in a shed. A piece of driftwood that was once borrowed. It has provided and it has given. And now, it has been returned.

Video installation (77”53), Photography book (inkjet printed on paper), Polaroid photographs, Driftwood, Wood made paper/ incense / etc…

Xi Jie Wang, Lucy Ho Tsz Long, Vincent Van der Donk

This work is a testimony to friendships and memories, during a period of borrowed time. In the beginning of the process, the artists learnt about the qualities and interweaving history of a certain type of wood. A wood that took shape as a driftwood, floating between the boundaries of Japan and Taiwan. They learnt to see the driftwood through the eyes of a sculptor – Siki. Sitting on the wood, feeling its steady presence, smelling its distinctive smell, the artists decided to borrow the wood and begin to spend time with it. During the process, they tried to link time, function, smell and the meaning of the wood with action. They aimed to show their appreciation for the wood by trying to capture it in as many different layers and forms as possible and understand it as a multifaceted companion and friend. They made imprints, paper and incense, produced and played with this piece of driftwood. Finally, they had to realize that the end will come in any relationship. After learning how to accept this condition, the group decided to return the driftwood to the sea and let it continue its journey. 


Looking back at the group’s process they gave the most precious thing they had: time and compassion. To each other and the driftwood. Their path was filled with experiments and challenges. They learned new things from new friends, for example how to smell a wood and how to press paper. They had to figure out what to show of such an intimate and extensive process and which memories they want to keep concealed for themselves.