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Home of the Scattered

The multi-speaker sound installation conceived by Xu Chia-Chun, Jamira Estrada and Piero Scherer explored the interplay between shelter and isolation, protection and constraint. It invited the visitors to navigate a space where the boundaries of inside and outside, protection and limitation blur into an evocative soundscape.

Multi-speaker sound installation, 2023

Xu Chia-Chun, Jamira Estrada and Piero Scherer

“The mushroom of a morning does not know (what takes place between) the beginning and end of a month; the short-lived cicada does not know (what takes place between) the spring and autumn.These are instances of a short term of life.” – Zhuangzi

The installation worked with different found objects, forgotten artifacts, derelict treasure and invited the visitors to lay into a metamorphing soundscape, where sound and found objects merged with the changing soundscape, creating a surreal sense of time dilation. Where the notions of ruins, decay and growth, remembering and forgetting were negotiated in their circularity. “Home of the Scattered” pointed to a constantly evolving environment, a space where sensations and time perspectives shift, and the listening bodies must try to position themselves attentively to perceive the vibrating soundscapes. 


The group understood the search for found objects and the soldering of new equipment as a central piece of their practice. They constantly tried to find new places to practice, draw inspiration from and hunt for new treasures. Jamira Estrada and Piero Scherer were extremely happy to collaborate with Xu Chia-Chun for this project and built a ground for collaboration that would exceed this project.