Blog, TC 2016

Alternative Narratives, New Perspectives, Different Truths

Elizabeth de Roza, Performer/Director, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Project 50/100 was a series of events that ran parallel to SG50 (a celebration of Singapore 50 years of celebration). The series of events offered alternatives, new perspectives and a platform of possibilities that were not part of the main SG50 celebration. Project 50/100 created counterpoint to what is out there as well as a bringing into being or to wider consciousness of what is not there. A kind of  “uncovering the unseen, unheard and unacknowledged, reclaiming and reaffirming physical, artistic and intellectual neglected spaces, and hence enriching through diversity”.

Elizabeth de Roza works under the genre of performance as a performer, director, and solo artist. Her work draws from contemporary performance practices on notions of hybridity, interactivity, and cross-disciplinary. Her training in performance making, draws from traditional Asian theatrical training/performing methods and contemporary practices. Over the last five years with the support of The Substation’s Associate Artists Scheme, she has been invited to present her solo works and working methodology at the International Magdalena Theatre Festivals; Rhode Island USA (2005), Singapore, (2006) Santa Clara, Cuba (2008), Transit – Odin, Denmark (2009) and Vertice Brasilia (2010). She was also invited to present her work at the 18th International Theatre Laboratory in Lugano, Switzerland organised by Teatro delle Radici in 2006. She presented a performance installation exhibition, Un-written in Belgrade, Serbia in Real Presence 2008 and attended and presented a performance cum lecture, The Karang Guni Man imagines Utopia at the 15th Performance Studies International (2009) in Zagreb, Croatia. She presented an interactive performance at Contemporary Theatre Festival in Myanmar (2010), organised by Theatre of the disturbed and Alliance Francaise. She is also the founding-member of a physical performance group Theatrestrays and holds a MA Fine Arts from LASALLE.