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After Condensation

Videos – Pictures – Performance – Installation
by Huang Liangpeng and Evan Ruetsch

If you walk through the streets of Hong Kong and you feel some water drops falling on your head, then it is probably not raining.
We encounter air conditioning water every day, when the condensation falls on our heads, we are nothing but helpless, for a moment you feel this unpleasant wet feeling. Nevertheless, the water drops will dry out.
We allow the falling condensation water to leave its traces through Traditional acts.

Process and work chronologically explained

We create a helmet with the idea of avoiding the falling condensation water from the A/C System. In the beginning the idea was to avoid the water, the further development to work with it.

The water passes through the tubes from the helmet to flow again on the ground.

The water painted again on the ground. Which we took as an occasion for our work. We quickly built the helmet we needed for it.

This was our first painting test with the helmet.


We rebuilt Chinese brushes and attached them with the hoses on the helmet by immersing the Chinese brushes in Chinese ink and by the falling water in the hoses, we could liquefied the ink to paint on traditional Chinese paper.

With a lot of patience we decided to allow the falling condensation to leave its traces through Traditional acts.

Performance #1


With the help of the falling condensation, we were able to sharpen a knife on the streets of Hong Kong

Through a walk-in installation, we exhibit our work at the Kaitak Art Academy of Hong Kong. Which we have connected with Two installations and another video work.

As can be seen in the pictures, the condensation water from the existing air conditioning system (in the exhibition room), which we also transported through a hose to condensed it once again.

A so-called double condensation, which brings good luck.

The air conditioning water falling on the paving stone reminds us that even without our help the water leaves its traces.

The painting created during the painting performance (video) stands next to it for the comparison.

In the video, it is shown how patiently the performer has to wait until he has enough water in the helmet to paint. It is only at the end that you will be clear about for what the painting stands in the room.