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Pain & Pleasure

With the switch of power, will the meaning of “pain” and “pleasure” we are so used to, take on different meanings, or be juxtaposed and create new discoveries for us?

We look forward in seeing how our invited audience react within the boundaries set by us and perhaps “the system” as well. We are also curious about rules and boundaries. Who will adhere by the rules and who will hold the power or abuse it perhaps? Does re-contextualizing the game brings forth resonance to situations beyond kinks? We seek to explore the beauty and query the confines of the game we have created for you. With consent, and boundaries, we explore the game of pain and pleasure.

With our performance or if you might call, an experiment, we set forth a route towards Terra incognita, and create a sphere of uncharted territory that invites unsuspecting participants to a ceremony of self-discovery, power exchange and a game if you might call it, that puts you in opposing positions of power play, with just 1 to 3 knocks on the glass.