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Relational Selves

How can we find an inner dialogue considering being in a identity crisis?

We are currently working on a project on the theme of “Identity Crisis”. Together we are collecting and sharing thoughts and having intense discussions about the origin and meaning of identity, crisis, and identity crisis. We experiment with different kinds of media, to find a way to express ourselves. As a group of people with different backgrounds from different countries, even continents, we have an interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange that is very exciting, fun and challenging.

The Artwork contains a mirrored video projection on a half-transparent window, a subwoofer, and a speaker. Through the vibration of the soundtrack composed of voices from an inner dialog, the video starts to move from gentle vibrations to heavy disruptions. The protagonists in the video are glancing strictly forward while the camera slowly surrounds them. In doing so the actors become Avatars that remind them of video games. The sound playing poses questions after identity and delivers possible answers on how to encounter an inner dialogue. Allowing the idea of a loop, all the different elements of sound, moving images, and projection influence each other and start multiple conversations.